Project "Support for small and medium Entrepreneurship in Ukraine"
Implementing agency - Municipal Management Center (Habitat). Head - Alexander P. Zatolokin




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Fields of the Fund activity

The Fund activity is based on ideas of transparent and sustainable conditions creation for investment process in Ukraine, forming mutual responsibility of all parties within implementation of Municipal Investment Programs (MIP), promotion regional collaboration and cooperation between small and medium enterprises.

The Fund objectives are:

  • promotion economic and social development of regions through small and medium business development;

  • strengthening capacity of regions and conditions creation for poverty alleviation by investment activity realization that based on joint responsibility and collaboration between local entrepreneurs and local authorities; 

  • investments attractions for regions development through small business growth, assistance to local governments in implementation of our regional development "Break through model". 

The Fund is authorized for financing organization for investment projects. The projects have to be oriented on solving specific settlement problems indicated in Municipal Investment Program for 2003-2010 years. The Fund collects such projects into Branch investment Programs and organize its financing in line with current priorities of Fund investors.

The Fund organizes financing not for separated businesses but for investment programs.  

We do not finance projects, concerned with weapon, drugs, alcohol production or sale. The Fund does not provide support for the following areas: providing grants, awarding a bursary, technical assistance, culture and research programs because of limited finance resources.

The Fund does not grant finances for general support of enterprises activities but invests implementation of specific investment projects included in MIPs for 2003 - 2010 years. The Fund provides training and consulting support for MIPs working up with commerce enterprises business plans implicated.  .

The Fund organizes investment capital for it's members only. 




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