Project "Support for small and medium Entrepreneurship in Ukraine"
Implementing agency - Municipal Management Center (Habitat). Head - Alexander P. Zatolokin




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Conditions on which we organize investment resources within MIP for 2003-2010 years

Owned and borrowed assets ratio:

  • minimum 30 % owned assets; 

  • maximum 70 % borrowed current assets. 

Co-collateral ratio

  • enterprise property - minimum 30 %; 

  • municipal property - minimum 10% 

Municipal Investment Program security tools: 

  • bank guarantee(certificate);

  • municipal securities;

  • resources guarantee;

  • municipal property;

  • budget guarantee. 

Financing payback period should not exceed 4 years and is tied to authority term of Local Council. We give priority to projects that payback period is within one year following which refinancing is possible.

Interest rate for investment resources usage is tied to Libor (London InterBank Offer Rate) and equals no more then 4-7% (including insurance and project administration costs). An exact rate depends upon investing scheme. The interest rate can even be a zero (0%).




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