Project "Support for small and medium Entrepreneurship in Ukraine"
Implementing agency - Municipal Management Center (Habitat). Head - Alexander P. Zatolokin




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Procedure of work with Fund within the project "Support for small and medium business in Ukraine" for investors

Advantages for INVESTORS as members of  the Fund "UKRAINE-HABITAT":

  • instead of investing (crediting) a separate enterprise you can invest a Municipal investment programs which already contain those enterprises. This way allows to diversify risks;
  • there is an opportunity to form your own investment program at 3-5 % which will cost not less than 1 million USD and will consist of short term projects (not more than 24 months);
  • there is an opportunity to get political support and most-favored nation treatment from local authorities sight during the implementation of your investment program;
  • there is an opportunity to use our database, which contains about 3000 business plans of investments projects (total investment sum required is about 1 billion (milliard) USD;
  • joint responsibility of all participants of investment process;
  • there is an opportunity of getting on-line information of partial progress during implementation your investment program (24 hours a day, 7 days a week);
  • usage of insurance and reinsurance mechanisms (including Lloyd) against investment risks;
  • accountability and transparency of investment process;
  • there is an opportunity of your investment program replication in different regions of Ukraine;
  • there is an opportunity of your trade brand promotion on Ukrainian market. 

Potential investors interested in providing the investment resources for Municipal investment programs implementation for 2003-2006 years should: 

  1. Fill in the Application form, which can be found by clicking here.

  2. Sign up your Application and send it on the Fund's address (12 Melnikov street, Kiev, 04050, Ukraine) on paper and by e-mail

  3. Take part in business-meeting with the Head of the Fund. 


After receiving your materials by Fund the correspondent information will be sent to you. 






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