Project "Support for small and medium Entrepreneurship in Ukraine"
Implementing agency - Municipal Management Center (Habitat). Head - Alexander P. Zatolokin




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General information about the project "Support for small and medium business in Ukraine"

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General information about the project "Support for small and medium business in Ukraine"

This project is a continuation of UNDP project "Support for small and medium business in Ukraine" that was implementsd in 1999-2002 years.

Project is oriented on strengthening managerial capacity of local governments leaders, heads of small enterprises and nongovernmental agencies in strategic planning, municipal resources management, local communities income getting from public and private organizations cooperation within the Municipal Investment Programs (MIP) implementation. 

Project geography - Volynska, Vinnytska, Ivano-Frankivska, Mykolaivska, Rivnenska, Khmelnitska, Cherkaska, Chernigivska, Dnepropetrovska, Zakarpatska, Donetska, Odesska, Luganska, Zaporizka oblasts (Ukraine), and Crimea

Project objectives:

  • local governments capacity building and creation of enabling environment for poverty alleviation through small business development in regions;
  • building partnership across and cooperation of all parties involved  to ensure sustainability, transparency and accountability of investment process and forming mutual responsibility within Municipal Investment Programs implementation (MIP);
  • promotion transboundary cooperation in the region Ukraine - surrounding countries, creation of enabling environment for sustainable business development in the region. 

Project policy

  • investments attraction not in separate projects, but in Municipal Investment Programs implementation (MIP); 
  • implementation of the project is based on the cost-sharing priveded by UNDP, local governments and enterprises;
  • building partnership and joint responsibility of local governments and entrepreneurs by using participatory collateral mechanism (co-collateral).





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