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Implementing agency - Municipal Management Center (Habitat). Head - Alexander P. Zatolokin




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Requirements the borrower should meet

The Fund finances commercial investment and innovation projects of Ukrainian private and municipal enterprises if at most 10% of the enterprise authorized capital stock belongs to state directly or by implication.  The Fund grants investments only to registered business subjects who meet the Fund requirements in area of accounting and financial statements. Such enterprises should have minimum 2 years market experience and be effective and financially efficient. 

Within Municipal Investment Program a project investment amount may come to:
for small business - from 25,000 to 125,000 USD;
-         for medium business - not more then 500,000 USD;
in exceptional cases the Fund may provide investments that exceed 500,000 USD. 

Any investments are granted against participatory collateral (co-collateral) of enterprise and municipal quick assets. Secured property valuation should be organized by the Fund. In time debt and interest repayment responsibility of debtor should be ensured by debtor in compliance with Ukrainian laws. 

Investment projects can not be included in Municipal Investment Program in such cases:
the enterprise is declared bankrupt or it is started bankruptcy legal proceedings;
closing down of business is started;
the enterprise or it's investment project is not profitable.




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